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by Dr. Sam on July 7, 2010

More Than Just A Great Smile!

The Damage of Bruxism

Bruxism means teeth grinding. The impact is not noticeable at first but over the years teeth grinding finally reveals the damage it has done. It contributes to the wear on the teeth. This in turn, slowly causes facial collapse in the lower part of the face. Unsightly wrinkles appear. The overall facial structure starts to look shorter and older.

Andy’s Dentist

Andy had been going to a reputable dentist. However, Andy knew that his current dentist could not operate at the skill level needed to fix Andy’s two issues:

  • The shortening of the face caused by years of teeth grinding
  • A space between his teeth he always wanted to be closed

In fact, Andy’s dentist had recommended porcelain veneers on Andy’s teeth. That solution would possibly have improved the look of Andy’s teeth but it would have had minimal impact on his bite or face. It might have even made it worse! Sometimes, cosmetic dentistry lengthens the upper teeth only. This can actually create a deeper overbite.

Fortunately, Andy personally knew Dr. Sam Muslin.

Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS, M.A.G.D.

Dr. Muslin talked with Andy about a technique the doctor had been using since 1985 called Face Lift Dentistry ®. Dr. Muslin suggested to Andy that this was a comprehensive treatment. It not only included tremendous health benefits, but it improved the way patients look. In fact, a Dental Face Lift® can easily take 10 years off the face of an individual.

Bruxism Or Tooth Grinding Restoration

Andy’s Facelift Dentistry ® Treatment

After listening to Dr. Muslin and viewing the before and after patient photos and reading histories, Andy decided to undergo the holistic Dental Face Lift ® treatment. By treating his bite, he did indeed receive both improved overall health and cosmetic benefits. His jaw was aligned into a more comfortable position. All of his upper teeth were lengthened. This resulted in his face being lengthened. Years were removed from his appearance.

If you look at his face in a before and after photo, the lower portion of it is different. It looks more relaxed. It appears more natural. More symmetry exists with the rest of his face.

Reversing years of the effects of teeth grinding only took two visits with Dr. Muslin performing his trademarked Dental Face Lift ®.

Dr. Muslin deeply appreciates being able to show the before and after pictures regarding Andy’s Face Lift Dentistry ®.

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