Barbara – Non Invasive Dental Facelift

by Dr. Sam on July 7, 2010

"Your brilliant artistry matched with your passion to improve lives is a gift. I look and feel happy because I am." - Barbara, January 2010

Age Reversal for An Aspiring Actress

As an aspiring actress, Barbara needed to look good. However, she was unhappy with her facial profile. In fact, she decided to have a chin implant to improve it. However, not only did her appearance not improve the way she desired, the experience was very painful. Barbara also experienced facial and neck pain along with a bite that made her uncomfortable. It resulted in less than clear speech. She knew she had to do something.

The Best Cosmetic Dentist

Barbara realized that she needed a cosmetic dentist who could reduce her pain and improve her facial features. When performing her due diligence Barbara came across the site of Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS, and practitioner of the Dental Face Lift ®. Impressed by the dramatic before and after full-face photos of prior patients and the doctor’s experience and expertise, Barbara decided to make an appointment.

The Diagnosis

Dr. Muslin discussed Face Lift Dentistry ® and how it would improve Barbara’s entire facial situation. He explained how her bite would be realigned perfectly to her face. This would eliminate the pain and improve her appearance. In one comprehensive dental procedure, the doctor told Barbara, she would have whiter teeth, a fuller smile, reduced neck and facial pain and clearer speech. All this would be accomplished without surgery, loss of work or without her teeth having to be ground down. Barbara was ready to go!

The Dental Face Lift ® Procedure

Dr. Muslin created a portable appliance that fit to Barbara’s upper teeth. This would test her new bite and jaw position for comfort and function. It also relieved Barbara’s facial pain. In just two visits, Dr. Muslin, re-established Barbara’s bite and improved her jaw position. He replaced two existing crowns. For the remainder of the teeth that needed work, Barbara selected non-invasive porcelain veneers. Without surgery or Botox, the treatment was completed in two visits over three weeks.

Barbara’s Results

The results were simply stunning! Her lower face appeared lengthened. Her chin appeared fuller and more aligned with her face. Her smile looked more relaxed and her teeth looked much whiter. Appearance wise, Barbara looked at least 10 years younger. Barbara’s pain went away. In general, the art of the Dental Face Lift ® is knowing how to align the bite, including the jaw, with the face. It takes a natural gift plus years of experience to learn how to achieve this. Dr. Muslin has been performing this procedure since 1985 and has not only learned but perfected the techniques used in Face Lift Dentistry ®.

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