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by Dr. Sam on July 7, 2010

The procedure took four visits over a six week period.

Proof on Dr. Sam Muslin’s Facelift Dentistry Website

Dr. Muslin, DDS, M.A.G.D., has a powerful website. His patients allow him to post, without compensation, before and after treatment photos. There are also several case studies on the website. People can learn all about how Face Lift Dentistry ® works, its benefits and how it can change a life.

Prospective patients can obtain a lot of information as they perform due diligence on the website.

That is exactly what Kevin did.

Searching for Cosmetic Dentistry

Kevin had always wanted to change the shape of her face. Her mouth had a downward look to it. Her chin looks wide and fleshy and her jowls appear to be sagging.

But that’s not why she first researched dentists on the internet. Initially, Kevin wanted cosmetic dentistry. So, she first looked into Lumineers ®, porcelain veneers, crowns and other types of cosmetic dentistry.

She got that and much more from Dr. Muslin.

Changing the Shape of her Face

Once, Dr. Muslin knew that Kevin was seeking to change her facial appearance, he based his treatment on that. In fact, Kevin was quite surprised that a dental procedure could alter the appearance of her face. But when Dr. Muslin showed her a simulation, she was convinced!

Kevin’s Dental Face Lift ®

Each Face Lift Dentistry ® process is completely customized to each patient. For Kevin, Dr. Muslin repositioned her jaw naturally and without any surgery. He also rebuilt her bite. He did this without grinding down Kevin’s teeth. In fact, all of her natural enamel was saved.

Since Kevin didn’t have any crowns or dental work and was cavity free, Dr. Muslin was able to use his ceramist to create porcelain veneers for Kevin. The special bonding technique he developed produced durable and natural looking teeth with a bright, even smile.

The procedure took four visits over a six week period.

The Results are Delightful!

Kevin's Dental Face Lift ® Results

Kevin looks years younger with her new smile and appearance. Her chin looks full and naturally fits in with her face. This is because the teeth perfectly support the facial tissue, filling in where needed.

Dr. Sam Muslin

Kevin brought her own unique set of facial and jaw features to Dr. Muslin’s office and ultimately to the Dental Face Lift ® procedure. Because each Dental Face Lift ® is so customized, Dr. Muslin skills, technical know-how and artistry are especially necessary.  That is why Face Lift Dentistry ® has earned the reputation of being the most optimal form of dental care available today.

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