Melissa – Dental Facelift

by Dr. Sam on July 7, 2010

The results were fabulous! Melissa has a new bite and jaw position. Her smile is full, bright and well… dazzling!

A Nice Smile

Melissa came to Dr. Sam Muslin’s office with a nice smile. However, as her teeth were displayed, another story was told. They showed the effects of bruxism. Bruxism means teeth grinding. Over time, bruxism can wear down the teeth causing abrasions and uneven teeth. Some of her teeth have also broken off at the edges

As nice as her smile looks, you can see Melissa’s teeth begin to angle toward the center of her mouth. This is a result of an uneven bite caused by the wear on her teeth. This in turn had begun to impact her jaw joint.

Melissa attempted to fix her issues. She tried bleaching and whitening her teeth. The treatments quickly lost their effectiveness.

She did know exactly what she wanted. Melissa wanted whiter teeth and a more robust smile. She wanted her teeth to be very natural looking. Also, she needed the work to be done very quickly because she was getting married in a few months.

Melissa’s Dental Facelift ® Treatment

Working first on the upper and then the lower arch, Dr. Muslin performed the following procedures:

Upper Arch- Dr. Muslin didn’t use anesthesia, nor did he use shots. He did very minimal grinding to the natural teeth. He and his ceramist created custom porcelain veneers. With his special bonding technique, Dr. Muslin was able to decrease the sensitivity of Melissa’s teeth. This took two visits.

Lower Arch- This also took two visits. The doctor aligned Melissa’s bite with her teeth. This is one of the cornerstones of Face Lift Dentistry ®. The purpose of it was to re-align her jaw to where it naturally belonged. (Note: As her teeth wore down, Melissa’s jaw positioned changed.) The doctor also used the same porcelain veneer technique that was used on the upper arch.

The results were fabulous! Melissa has a new bite and jaw position. Her smile is full, bright and well… dazzling!

Dr. Sam Muslin

Dr. Muslin has been a practicing dentist for over 30 years. He earned the designation of Master in the Academy of General Dentistry (M.A.G.D.).

In 1985, Dr. Muslin began practicing Face Lift Dentistry ®. This procedure, which he eventually trademarked, is a non-invasive treatment that provides the optimal in dental health while also providing significant cosmetic benefits.

The doctor has changed hundreds of lives over the years by performing this procedure. See the results on his website.

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