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by Dr. Sam on July 7, 2010

Dr. Muslin that she "needed a miracle." - Nancy

Buck Teeth

Unfortunately, we are the victims of the haphazard life process of forming a bite. As teeth explode out of our mouths during our formative years, we have no control over the end game. As a result, very few individuals can boast of a perfectly symmetrical bite.

We learn to live with it of course, as did Nancy. She adjusted to an undesirable bite. As she aged, Nancy’s teeth began to wear down. Exacerbated by her overbite, the tooth wear led to bite collapse. This, in turn, caused facial shortening. Her face had excessive wrinkles and her lips appeared too thin.

The wear on her teeth was so gradual that Nancy had little knowledge of the damage that had occurred.

Emotionally and physically distraught, Nancy hid her smile. While she lacked confidence in her looks, she was a strong, accomplished woman. And when a promising career opportunity presented itself, she became determined to go after it.

To bring her to peak performance, Nancy decided to do something about her face.

Jaw Surgery? Dr. Muslin Disagreed.

Previous dentists suggested to Nancy that she would need jaw surgery to achieve the results she was seeking. She was so distressed, she told the doctor that only a miracle could help her. Dr. Muslin, DDS, M.A.G.D., wasn’t too sure about the miracle, but he did know Nancy didn’t need jaw surgery!

Facelift Dentistry ® Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Muslin has been practicing Face Lift Dentistry® for over 25 years. He felt that if he could align Nancy’s bite with her teeth, the results Nancy wanted would be achieved. Without surgery. Without stitches. In fact, Face Lift Dentistry® is a non-invasive procedure that rarely even causes patients to miss work.

The treatment is a well planned process. For example, it took Nancy two visits to achieve the results she desired. In the first visit, all of the old crowns, fillings and veneers were removed and replaced with temporaries. Any decay was  treated.

On the second visit, all of the new dentistry was bonded together. This created a complete bite collapse reversal, face lengthening and permanent facial support.

The results were absolutely stunning.

Dr. Sam Muslin

Since each patient brings unique facial and jaw features into each Dental Face Lift® procedure, special care has to be exercised in performing the treatment. That is where the skill, technical know-how and artistry of the dentist comes into play. Dr. Muslin’s care is highly customized and specifically designed for each patient. It truly is the optimal form of dental care available today.

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