Renetta – Jaw Repositioning

by Dr. Sam on July 7, 2010

“How come no other dentist does this?” - Renetta

Extreme Makeover

Renetta’s bite and face were not in alignment. Her lower jaw would slip forward each time she bit down. She struggled with chewing. Finally, she felt that her face looked “too old.”

She also wore dentures. The dentures wore down by her trying to adapt to her bite. This caused her jaw to position forward as you see in the before photographs. Her face eventually collapsed because of the lack of support from the teeth.

Dr. Muslin diagnosed the necessity of an extreme makeover in Renetta’s case called a Dental Face Lift ®. Using special high-tech methods, the doctor aligned Renetta’s bite with her face. He also replaced her missing teeth.

Television Provides an Answer for Renetta

One of the segments on the KTLA Morning News, with Gail Anderson, featured Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS, M.A.G.D. The segment talked about the Face Lift Dentistry ® procedure Dr. Muslin is known for.

Renetta saw the piece and felt immediately encouraged. After years of poor dental work and feeling the natural effects of age, Renetta’s bite had collapsed. It impacted her entire face.

Immediately, she made an appointment with Dr. Muslin to see if he could, in fact, help her with her dental situation.

Renetta’s Results

The procedure also took years off her looks. It changed her appearance from aggressive to one more benign.

Since the bite determines the facial appearance, it’s not a surprise that once Dr. Muslin aligned the bite to the face, Renetta’s face took on a whole new appearance. You can see it in the photos on this page. Instead of jutting forward, her chin and mouth rest more in symmetry with her face. From her nose to her chin, the face looks in harmony.

The procedure also took years off her looks. It changed her appearance from aggressive to one more benign.

Renetta stated that she never thought she could look so good so fast. The experience and results caused her to ask, “How come no other dentist does this?”

Face Lift Dentistry ®

For Dr. Muslin, the process of mouth reconstruction morphed into extreme makeovers which eventually morphed into the ultimate level of dental care called Face Lift Dentistry ®. What separates Face Lift Dentistry ® from mouth reconstruction or extreme makeovers is the training and skill of the dentist.

In practice for 32 years, Dr. Muslin harnessed all of that experience to develop the Dental Face Lift ®. It is special because the bite and teeth alignment has to be developed at the highest level of creative and artistic skill.

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