Tom – Collapsed Bite

by Dr. Sam on July 7, 2010

The results were outstanding!

A Newscast That Changed a Life

Tom likes to watch Gail Anderson on KTLA and regularly views her program. One morning, a Los Angeles area dentist named Dr. Sam Muslin was being featured. Tom was intrigued by the Dental Face Lift ® and Face Lift Dentistry ® that Dr. Muslin practiced. Why did it interest him so much?

Well, Tom had some dental problems of his own.

Tom’s Dental Issues

Tom had many dental problems. In fact, his family had been urging him to have them taken care of.

He had infected gums. He had broken teeth and bone and tooth loss. Other teeth were worn down. His bite had totally collapsed. His face had a short, round look.

The Decision that Changed Tom’s Life

Tom could have gone with one of several different techniques to repair his dental health. He chose the optimal form of dental health—Face Lift Dentistry ®. This treatment would include jaw repositioning, bite and teeth alignment, porcelain bridges, gum treatment and porcelain crowns.

Tom’s Dental Face Lift ®

The core component of Face Lift Dentistry ® is to align the bite with the teeth. In addition to that, Tom had to have every old crown removed. All of his old bridges were removed. All of the decay was eradicated. His gum health improved and his jaw was repositioned.

He received new, specially made porcelain veneers bonded with a technique developed by Dr. Muslin.

The results were outstanding! Tom’s round face has been lengthened creating a more youthful appearance. His smile is not only very bright, but very natural looking. His bite was corrected aligning perfectly with his teeth and jaw.

A Dental Face Lift® is all about providing the ultimate in dental care while maintaining a natural look. There is no surgery, no stitches and no downtime from work with Face Lift Dentistry ®.

Dr. Sam Muslin

Practicing dentistry for over 30 years, Dr. Muslin is passionate about his craft. A believer in continuing education, Dr. Muslin earned the designation of Master in the Academy of General Dentistry (M.A.G.D.).

In 1985, Dr. Muslin began practicing Face Lift Dentistry ®. He has perfected his trademarked procedure over the years.  By using the latest technological advances and refining his considerable skills, Dr. Muslin has created a dynamic, healing procedure. This non-invasive treatment provides the optimal in dental health. The cosmetic benefits include taking 5, 10, 20 years off the appearance of his patients.

Hundreds of lives have been changed for the better because of Face Lift Dentistry ® as practiced by Dr. Sam Muslin.

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