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Nancy - Face Lift Dentistry and Bite Collapse

“Nancy hid her smile. She covered her face. Her bite collapse had caused her to lack self-confidence and feel very self-conscious about her appearance,” recalls Dr. Muslin. “It was impacting the way she lived her life.”

The Ultimate in High Tech Dentistry
is The Dental Face Lift

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The Dental Face Lift ® – Changing Lives

One of the inspiring by-products of performing cosmetic dentistry is the fact that often, it can be a life enhancing health choice for patients.

A Bad Bite Impacts Your Life

For example, Nancy allowed Dr. Muslin to use her before and after photos as well as share her story. Nancy had struggled with her bite for many years. In fact, it had gotten to the point where she felt her bite collapse was negatively impacting her work life. She sought help because she was up for a promising career opportunity. She wanted to be at her peak to perform the way she knew she could in that situation. Prior to coming to see Dr. Muslin, Nancy was told she would need jaw surgery to fix her bite!

Dr. Muslin deeply appreciates and is further inspired by the fact that many of his patients allow him to post their stories with before and after photos on his website.

Over the 25 years Dr. Sam Muslin has been perfecting The Dental Face Lift. Today he is skilled to change the appearance and improve the health of patients for the better – something he and his patients are very proud of!

Contact Dr. Muslin in sunny California at +1 (310 )829-6795 to see if you’re a candidate for Face Lift Dentistry.

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